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simsmag - sims info - les actus - ppdsims répond à lara tatouille


PPDSims answers to Lara Tatouille

Lara Tatouille : First of all, I'm going to introduce myself quickly : my name
is Lara Tatouille, I'm 24 years old, I'm single, I'm waiting for the Prince
Charming, it may be you PPDSims ! (laughs) 

PPDSims disturbed : I would love to play this part...well, I wanted to say
let's have a seat, we will be more comfortable.

Lara Tatouille : I am unemployed and I'm dreaming of becoming a famous
journalist. I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to
interview you.
PPDSims : Tell me everything Lara, I'm listening to you !
Lara Tatouille : I'm going to start with an indiscreet question that has
obsessed me for a long time, how old are you PPDSims ?

PPDSims : I am 44.

Lara Tatouille : It's wonderful ! 

PPDSims with the eyebrows in interrogative point shape : What do you mean wonderful ???

Lara Tatouille : I like your age ! I like everything of you !
PPDSims : Could someone give us a glass of water, please ? We're suffocating
under these spotlights !
Lara Tatouille : What is your favourite kind of music ?

PPDSims : I like all the kinds of music: rock, classical, country, dance
music...I am a very good dancer...
Lara Tatouille : ...Could you teach me ? I'm always treading on my partner's
feet !...PPDSims, would you like to play a part in a movie ?
PPDSims : I definitely wouldn't like to ! I admire those who are able to act
and to make us dream on the big screen. Unfortunately I don't have this
talent. I love cinema, but as a member of the audience.
Lara Tatouille : Next question...which is totally different of the previous
one. What kind of woman do you like ?

PPDSims : I like the young women of 24 years old with red hair, and a lot of
appeal...Just like you !
Lara Tatouille rougisseante : I don't know if I can believe you...Finally you're
maybe a good actor !
PPDSims :
...well...one last question...
Lara Tatouille : ...well...are you free tomorrow night ?

PPDSims : ... hahaha ! You will definitely be a good journalist Lara ! I'm going
to suggest you something...you are free to accept or to refuse...as you want
to learn to dance, let's do it now ! I teach you some steps, and tomorrow
night I'll take you to a place you're going to like a lot...a nightclub not
very far from where I live...


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