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Interview with Miss Simsmag' 2002


PPDSims : Glad to meet you Miss Simsmag' !

Miss Simsmag' : I...well... it's a happiness... I mean an honour for me ! I
never thought someday I'd be able to touch... I mean to shake you hand...

PPDSims : Please relax Miss Simsmag', everything is going to be fine ! It was
difficult to make you accept this interview...are you so busy ?

Miss Simsmag' : Well...I'm in love to be here...

PPDSims : ... ?... 

Miss Simsmag ' : Excuse me, I am disturbed. I'm HAPPY to be here, but to be
true I was a bit scared of you...
PPDSims : Scared of me ? Don't worry, I never ate any Beauty Queens ! But tell
me, why don't you look at me when I'm talking to you?

Miss Simsmag' : I know it can seem stupid, but...well...you intimidate me...

PPDSims embarrassed : Well...the interview is not going to be so easy...but
I will try to imagine you're looking at me...You are the second Miss
Simsmag' since the contest was created, how does it feel ? Did things change
in your life ?
Miss Simsmag' : Everything ! Everything changed ! A lot of photographers call
me, and I'm thinking about writing a book...I have many secret talents...

PPDSims :  And where do you hide them ? Under your dress ? Show it to me ! I'm
kidding of course ! I'm trying to make you feel comfortable...

Miss Simsmag' : ...ah...fortunately you said it...I didn't notice it...

PPDSims in a hurry to close the interview : Well, did you notice this smell ?
The pizza man delivered us the pizza ! Can I offer you a piece of it, the one
with mushrooms...do you like mushrooms? Promise me you'll come back t
present your book...
Miss Simsmag' : I love mushrooms ! How did you know it ?

PPDSims taking her by the arm : I know a lot of things about you...! Come
on, let's go !

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