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Interview with Delphine, Miss April



PPDSims : Hello Delphine, I am very glad to meet you. I hope this interview
will help the readers to know you better. All the candidates of the contest
were very pretty, the competition was hard ! I hesitated a lot before voting !
Did you expect to win ?

Delphine : Hello PPDSims, I am very happy to meet you as well. I would like
to tell all your fans that you are definitely as lovely as it is said !

PPDSims taking Delphine by the arm : Please Delphine, have a seat, and stop
looking at me this way.
 Delphine : In answer to your first question, no, I never thought I would
win !! And to be true I fainted when I heard the results. Fortunately, Gérard
Manvussa was here to hold me. It was the first time I was participating to a
Beauty Queen contest, and I thought I would be the last one.

PPDSims : Gérard Manvussa is very lucky to be able to hold the Beauty Queens
in his arms ! You are a photographer and you like animals. Do you take
pictures of animals ?

Delphine : Yes, I do. I did the KwiskaSims advertising. But I mainly work
with models.

PPDSims blowing his nose : You are talented Delphine, how come you want to
become an actress ? It's totally different from your present job !

Delphine : Simply because I have always had a passion for the cinema. I
didn't know it would affect you so much ! Please, don't cry !
PPDSims : I'm not crying, I took a cold (or am I allergic to your Guinean
pig ?). But please go on Delphine...
Delphine : I have been on stage from my early childhood. Besides, I dream to
be in a movie with Bruce Willsims, he's so handsome ! Of course, if I become
an actress, I will always take my camera with me, because the photo is my
first passion.
PPDSims : Was it so important for you to take your pets with you to
Simsbeach ?

Delphine : Yes it was !!! I would have never stand to be separated of my
lovely sweeties for so long. I would have missed them too much ! Besides,
they were always with me when I was sad. You see, it's like a vital need
they have to be with me everywhere I go. Who would have taken care of them
when I was at Simsbeach ? Surely not my mother because she's allergic to the
peels of Guinean pigs. I would never have left them in a refuge for animals,
it's too cruel. By the way, I would like to tell all the Simsmag's readers
there are still a lot of them waiting to be adopted there.

PPDSims : Gérard Manvussa told us about some incidents, notably with your
Guinean pig. Can you tell us more about it ?

Delphine : I want to say that Gérard takes very well care of the pet, he was
very sweet with them. I think it would be a good idea to buy him a rabbit
for his birthday because he could hardly got separated of mine !

PPDSims :  Concerning Gérard, did he welcome you well ? Does he take good care
of the Beauty Queens ?

Delphine : Gérard has been very nice with us, he was always here when we were
sad and he was waiting on our hands and foot. He was the one to reconcile us
when we were arguing. He was like a brother for us. By the way, if you read
this interview Gérard I send you a lot of kisses !!!

PPDSims  : ehm... please keep calm and seat down Delphine! I'm dying to know
something: are you a real blond ?
Delphine : People often ask me this question. Yes, I am a real blond, my hair
is blond since I was born.
PPDSims  : Have the Beauty Queens good accommodations at Simsbeach ? Are the
huts comfortable enough...?

 Delphine : The huts are comfortable but a bit small. I had some problems to
keep my pets with me, Gérard had to take my rabbit with him in his hut.
Except for this, everything was GREAT !

PPDSims  : What did you miss most during your stay at Simsbeach, and what is
your best memory ?

Delphine laughing : To be true, I ran out of films ! And as I'm used to work
with models and as all the Beauty Queens were pretty, I took a lot of
pictures of them. I know I should not think about my work during holidays !
But I also took pictures of wonderful landscapes of Simsbeach, a and of
course some of Gégé ! My best memory is the fire camp. One night we lighted a
fire camp and Vénusia started singing: she has a very beautiful voice. We
danced and laughed a lot...It was magical !

PPDSims with tears falling on his cheek : You are going to participate to
the contest for the final election at the end of the year: how do you feel
about it ?

 Delphine : I am very happy, but I can't realise it for the moment. Take this
tissue !
PPDSims :
I wish you all the best for your career and of course for the
contest of Miss Simsmag'. Will you come back to see me when I'm feeling
better? By the way, do you know a young and pretty nurse who could cure my
cold ?

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