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Interview with Angelina, Miss June


PPDSims : Hello Angelina, you definitely look better than on the pictures. Is
it pleasant to be Miss June...?

Angelina : Thank you very much ! Yes, it is very pleasant to be Miss June. I
see a lot of new places and new faces...I don't have time to be bored !
PPDSims : You live in New York, it means that even there you know the
Simsmag '! You speak very well French, what are your origins ?
 Angelina : Yes indeed, the Simsmag' is very famous there. I improved my
French thanks to it. My father is English, hence my surname. But I've never
seen him very often. My mother is Italian, and she chose my first name. I
lived some months in France while I was shooting a movie.

PPDSims : Do you dedicate some of your time to militate, and in favour of
what ?

Angelina : Due to the Beauty Queens contest, I didn't have a lot of free
time. But I hope I will be able to keep on fighting for the children and
women's rights, and also to fight against the violence.
PPDSims : The dress and the bathing suit you wear on the pictures are both
very daring. Aren't you afraid to take a cold...?I don't know a lot of
things about fashion, but it looks like one day you got angry and you cut
your clothes !
Angelina : It's exactly what happened ! A friend of mine told me it would make
a good impression, and it did...

PPDSims : What changed in your life since you became Miss June for the
Simsmag' ? Do you fear the election of the end of the year ?

Angelina : Now, I have a princess life. I don't fear what's coming, I think I
already won everything.
PPDSims : Angelina, do you live alone...?No boyfriend in sight...?
Angelina :My boyfriend lives in Paris, we don't meet very often...
PPDSims : To thank you having answered to my questions, I invite you to have
a drink at the cafeteria of the Simsmag', we'll surely meet the journalists
of the Simsmag'. I'll introduce you to them Between you and me, can you tell
me which one you prefer ?

Angelina : Thank you for the interview, but I think the last question you
asked me won't please the journalist concerned...
PPDSims :
Well...don't tell me you're in love with a journalist ! Come on,
tell me his name in a low voice... 
Good luck for the rest Angelina...

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